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Once your animal has been harvested we can assist you in getting your trophies to us safely and easily. Being an inspected and approved USDA facility, we work closely with various customs brokers and shippers to make sure your trophies arrive safely.

Within the United States:

Smaller trophies such as fish, birds and small mammals should be wrapped in plastic and frozen. When sending the trophy, place in a cooler or styrofoam lined box and fill the remaining air space with insulation. Dry ice may be added as a precaution.

For larger trophies, it is recommended that the capes and hides be fleshed, salted and dried prior to sending.

Inside the cooler or insulated box include the following information:

Your Full Name
Complete Address
Phone Numbers
Hunting or Fishing License Number
E-mail Address

On the outside send to:

Matuska Taxidermy Studio
3735 HWY 71
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

Also include your return address and phone number on the box.
Mark the box as “COOLER PERISHABLE.”

1) Call prior to sending any shipment so we can be expecting it.
2) Send any frozen shipment at the beginning of the week, preferably on Monday.
3) Get the tracking number so you can track its progress.

Once we receive your trophy, we will evaluate its condition and contact you to confirm delivery.


Outside the United States:

The Matuska Taxidermy Studio is a USDA-approved facility for importing trophies from other countries. When sending trophies from overseas, it is necessary that they arrive at a US Port of Entry and must clear customs at that time.

Before Your Hunt:

Contact the Matuska Taxidermy Studio to arrange any shipping details. We can also instruct you on how to have your outfitter direct your shipment.



Once completed, we can deliver and place your mount if desired. Call the shop for details.

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